Thursday, January 17, 2013



Today I'd like to announce my first progression of new author's project called "Gloomy Priest".
Some art of main character You could met before on my sketchbook gallery.
General script exists only in my head so total project is one big freestyle including furious speeddrawing:)
About comics - it will be horror/fantasy - ( the same as my written english :) mixed with wicked sense of humor.
 I estabish dozen of pages full of daemons, zombies and other slaves of the darkess. Opposite them- fearless Gloomy Priest - the master of scythe fighter using "Battle Bible", crucifixes of christian ninja, and other holy weapons...

It's my author's project so I am going to draw it slowly in my free time...frame by frame... till the end...
I attach first 6 pages. The first one is done.